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Baby Nose Rhinoplasty

Baby Nose Rhinoplasty

In rhinoplasty performed in the form of a baby nose, closed or open rhinoplasty technique can be applied. During the operation, the tip of the nose is lifted up in natural limits. Thus, a slightly raised, tiny and curved appearance is obtained on the nose. The facial structure of the people who prefer this tiny and curved rhinoplasty that we mentioned should definitely be evaluated. At the same time, the nostrils are designed with an appropriate angle according to the new shape of the nose. The curve on the nose is also adjusted according to the face.

Baby nose has become one of the most preferred rhinoplasty methods for young men and women, especially in recent years. Baby nose rhinoplasty can be done with closed or open method. In short, for both men and women, it is the process of curving the nose in the most appropriate way and slightly lifting the tip of the nose. In particular, the baby nose rhinoplasty method is often applied in women, as well as in young men.

So who can we apply the baby nose rhinoplasty method to?

We especially apply this method to patients who can achieve a natural nose shape after surgery. For this, we need to perform a detailed examination from the nostrils to the facial structure, from the mouth structure to the tip of the nose. We apply this in patients who are suitable as a result of the examination, and we say that an upturned nose will not create a natural appearance in patients who are not suitable, and we convey that this choice will be wrong. This operation is short-lived, with less bruising and swelling. You can also contact us to learn the most suitable nose shape for your face.